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This training block is designed to help you build workflows to use with Contacts, Properties and Transactions. Each workflow that you use is specifically designed for one of those 3 areas of Realvolve.  It is important that you decide up-front the purpose of your workflow so that the system knows which Important dates are used as well as the merge fields for checklists and templates.  We will guide you through the process, step-by-step in order to help you understand when to use each.
There are several resources for this particular module to give you a broad understanding of all the features that we have built into Realvolve workflows


mark_100.jpgMark Stepp (LinkedInTwitter) is the Chief Innovation Officer, Lead Architect of the Realvolve Workflow System, Relationship Scoring and Predictive Revenue Engine.  He has over 26 years background in Software Engineering, Design & Development in the real estate, lending, title, escrow and insurance industries. He teaches and hosts webinars and training classes to Realvolve customers on all aspects of CRM, Listing & Transaction Management, Workflow development and much more.