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There's a new podcast in town for real estate agents!


5 Episodes


Starts 10/15


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Launch Week Preview

Oct. 15: Dave Behr - Don’t Be Like The Rest of Them

Hacks for becoming a truly exceptional leader in real estate. Dave Behr is a broker and real estate coach in Denver, Colorado.

Dave Behr Monday Episode 1

Oct. 16: Jared James - Accountability, and The Single Rule to Follow For True Success

While it’s good to seek inspiration in others at events and other sources, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to bring yourself to the next level. Find out how to answer just one simple question and find your path to your own definition of success.

Jared James Tuesday Episode 2

Oct. 17: Kendyl Young - Taking the Big Jump; Considerations When It’s Time to Build a Team

Hiring your first assistant is the first step towards building a team… and it should be approached with careful consideration. Kendyl tells the story of the logical and emotional processes that were required of her when she took the first steps towards building her team.

Kendyl Young Wednesday Episode 3

Oct. 18: Stephen Pacinelli - Let Your Core Competencies Drive Your Business!

If you haven’t yet figured out what you clearly do better than everyone else, do it now, because it exists, and it is what will drive you to the top of your competition. Stephen explains why those who fail to find their core competencies face a certain limit to their success.

Stephen Pasinelli Thursday Episode 4

Oct. 19: Treasure Davis - Why Dreamboarding and Goal Setting is Essential to Agents And Their Teammates

Top producing agents don’t reach 400 transactions in a year by accident. Treasure Davis is an agent with a team of 7. Learn about their daily dreamboardiing meetings, and her unique hiring philosophy.

Treasure Davis Friday Episode 5

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