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    What's Included

    5 Proven Networking Strategies

    It's important to prep before every networking event. These strategies will help you make the most of every networking opportunity that comes your way.

    Top 8 Networking Sites

    These websites can help you connect with people you've met, discover local networking events, and identify potential new connections.

    Relationship Marketing Funnel

    This 3-level funnel explains how networking with fellow agents and other local professionals will drive real results for your business.

    Excerpt from the ebook:

    "Isolation is the Achilles heel of real estate business success, and networking is the magical cure. Many agents have encountered and overcome some of the same challenges that you currently face; it is a fool’s errand to go it alone."

    2 people networking

    Why you should download:

    • Get a quick refresher on the business benefits of networking
    • Understand the 3 different levels of networking connections
    • Learn 5 networking strategies that will work for even the most introverted agents
    • Discover the best websites for online networking
    • Answer the 5 Ws to develop a strategy for your unique networking goals

    About the author

    Jon Yourkin

    Marketing Operations, Realvolve

    Jon Yourkin designs high performing marketing processes to accelerate revenue growth. With a strong background in internet marketing and funnel management, he excels at building scalable integrated campaigns that leverage cutting-edge marketing techniques. Although performance is at the core of who he is as a marketer, he believes real estate agents need to create predictable and scalable processes to build a sustainable business.

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    Use this ebook as a guide to put together an effective strategy for making new agent connections, increasing your word-of-mouth-marketing, and generating referrals!