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REAL - Not your Ordinary Book on Real Estate.

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Get 18 Strategies From Real Estate's Most Influential Thought Leaders

Connect and Thrive

Learn how forging deep and real relationships has to be the foundation of any successful real estate business.

People Portfolio

Gain perspective on how to meet and talk to three new people a day, which over the course of three years will net you a well-populated portfolio of people you actually like that enrich the quality of your life.

Follow Yourself

Strategies from 18 notable figures in real estate share the commonality that the most important thing you can do is follow "your own star" when it comes to running your business.

Save yourself some money and time and GET REAL!

"After twenty-four years in real estate I shudder to think about all the money I have spent on classes, conferences, coaching...you name it. Save yourself some money and time and GET REAL! Real estate's most influential thought leaders that contributed in this book are all worth following. Get in on their personal stories and what drives their passion." - Michelle Poccia, Saratoga Springs, NY

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REAL - A Path to Passion, Purpose, and Profits in Real Estate