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    What's Included

    Campaign Checklist

    Make the most of your lead generation marketing by gathering together some of the materials needed to launch your campaigns.

    Workflow Checklist

    This checklist is a quick reference sheet of workflow tasks to help you execute Facebook ad campaigns for your listings allowing you to be more efficient.

    Facebook Audience Targeting

    A guide and proven methods for real estate agents to locate high-quality buyer & seller leads from Facebook advertising.

    Campaign Workflow Guide

    A comprehensive strategy guide outlining all the steps needed for designing a repeatable process when it comes to getting Buyer Leads with Facebook Ads.

    Finding Audiences

    A quick reference infographic to help you target new audiences on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

    Campaign Workflow Workbook

    This campaign workflow workbook is designed to walk you through the tactical details needed for all the components needed for a successful campaign.

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    "This campaign kit flips the perspective on lead generation and helps you create a repeatable process for every online marketing campaign."

    Emily Magana

    Virtual Assistant / Workflow Designer
    "If you don't have a predictable process for your marketing campaigns, then you'll be wasting a lot of time and money. You need this campaign workflow kit to keep you efficient and effective!"

    Krista Mashore

    Realtor, Trainer, Real Estate Coach
    Realvolve is an incredible software platform that's provide a more consistent customer service to my clients and peace of mind to me since many "have to remember" details are automated.

    Michelle Daniher, Realtor

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    Why download this kit?

    • Keeps you and your business on track for every Facebook Ad marketing campaign
    • Provides a repeatable process to find and attract Buyer leads for your listings
    • Helps define higher quality leads based on what type of lead magnets you use on your listing landing page
    • Who you're targeting and what you should be using for graphics, headlines, and copy for your Facebook Ads
    • Show's you steps you need to take to launch this type of campaign successfully for every listing.

    About the author

    Jon Yourkin

    VP Marketing, Realvolve

    Jon Yourkin designs high performing marketing processes to accelerate revenue growth. With a strong background in internet marketing and funnel management, he excels at building scalable integrated campaigns that leverage cutting-edge marketing techniques. Although performance is at the core of who he is as a marketer, he believes real estate agents need to create predictable and scalable processes to build a sustainable business.

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