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Realvolve Webinars - The Rise to the Top

"It's a lot easier to not constantly think about every single task I have to do and just focus on building better relationships."

- Christian Nossum

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time in the day to accomplish your goals, dreams, or think about how you can rise to the top? So did Christian Nossum until he found a way to systematize his business!

Watch or listen to the replay of Christian and Kendyl Young, as they discuss Christian's rise to the top that included a weekend of deep diving his business needs, regaining his sanity, and hiring somebody with zero real estate experience to run critical steps of his business so he could focus on building better relationships. 

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Meet Christian & Kendyl


Christian Nossum

The Awesome Nossum Team

A born and raised Seattleite, Christian Nossum has been an active full-time real estate agent since 2005. He has been named one of the top 10 real estate agents in the country by estately.com, and is also one of the hosts of Seattle Real Estate Radio heard on KKOL 1300 am. You can listen to his past shows at SeattleRealEstateRadio.com. He is also a contributor to curbed.com as their Seattle real estate expert, you can read his featured articles here.


Kendyl Young

DIGGS Owner/ Broker

Kendyl Young is the founder and owner of DIGGS, a residential boutique brokerage in Glendale CA.  Kendyl’s detail-oriented style of business has led to 27 successful years of selling and the launch of her own brokerage.   In 2015 she doubled her business with the help of Realvolve and her workflows.  Kendyl is named on Inman’s List of 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders and is a popular writer, speaker and thought leader in the industry.